Looking for an outsourcing company here in Bulgaria?

Looking for an outsourcing company here in Bulgaria?

Looking for an Outsourcing company in Bulgaria-ACS-Bulgaria-Outsourcing-service-partner-agency-contracting-staff-augmentation-managed-services-hr-as-a-service-transition-and-transformation

outsourcing company in Bulgaria


attractive business conditions-in-bulgaria

Attractive Business conditions

LOW TAXES: Bulgaria has some of the lowest taxes among the EU members - Corporate tax at 10% (second lowest in the EU) VAT 20% , Personal Income Tax rate at 10%.

HIGH-SPEED INTERNET & CONNECTIVITY: Business environment in Bulgaria also benefits from well-developed digital infrastructure.

HIGHLY COMPETITIVE OFFICE RENTS: Bulgaria has one of the most competitive rent levels in SEE for prime office space Class A & Class B, available in the capital as well as in the major Bulgarian cities.

Capable & Affordable Talent pool

Over 80% of working age Bulgarians have a secondary or higher education. Country’s talented employee pool is backed up by 50+ universities. Some of them like Sofia University offer courses on “Outsourcing Projects and Companies”. 30 000 new professionals graduate every year. Over 50% of the 3.5 million workforce speak 2 languages, with 35 languages spoken overall. The top 5 used languages in the Bulgarian outsourcing sector are English, German, French, Italian, and Spanish. 


Convenient location & time zone

Bulgaria offers time zone and location convenience that is highly valued both geographically and culturally. Country is only a 1- to 3hour flight away from major European capitals. It enables western companies to efficiently collaborate with their teams in Bulgaria often in real-time communication and make business trips to the country for a short amount of time.

Outsourcing to Bulgaria

Explore a complex overview of Bulgaria as outsourcing location here.


Welcome to our website

We are ACS Bulgaria – a Bulgarian outsourcing company that has great team of experienced professionals ready to do their best to support your operations here in Bulgaria. 

SERVICES WE OFFER vary from staffing to managed services for national & multinational organizations


Tailored solution for your evolving needs

We are customer oriented outsourcing company. Our flexible service models, knowledge of the Bulgarian market and access to qualified talent pool make us the right outsourcing partner  for successful long-term collaborations.


Contracting services

Hire qualified professionals temporarily through a third-party certified agency (us) without forming legal entity. While your company is focused on the day to day business & operations we are supporting you with sourcing the right candidates, performing fast recruitment & consultancy on retention.


Managed Services

Delegate a process and/or project to us. In Managed services model we are responsible for the end-to-end performance of the scope of work you outsource from your business to us. As your provider we are responsible to deliver the expected outcome on the predefined quality criteria and mutually agreed results.


Transition & Transformation services

We can help the successful transition of processes like: switching local vendors, switching entity geographical locations/ regions along with vendor companies, outsourcing green field operations to us. After the processes are successfully migrated to us, we can propose various models to improve the efficiency in terms of performance and costs.

HR services ACS Bulgaria

HR as a Service

Applying best practices we can dedicate and/ or create an HR team for you, who is developed and mentored by us. The HR as a Service model also include support on the employees' transfer due to company acquisition here in Bulgaria. This is very good outsourcing solution especially for foreign companies entering the BG market.


Our team has the knowledge and experience you are looking for in an outsourcing company operating in Bulgaria.