Which services are being outsourced in 2023

Outsourcing services keep gaining popularity among the business strategies of companies in various sectors and locations worldwide. Many organizations have already recognized the benefits of outsourcing – getting quality services at lower costs. Tasks that typically include providing a service or creating goods are being more often delegated to a trusted near- or offshore third party. Companies ranging from start-ups to multinational established enterprises continue to adopt this strategy and gain profits out of it. So, which are the often outsourced services in 2023? Let’s have a look…

Services that are often outsourced in 2023

The trends from 2022 continue to be valid in 2023 as well. Here’s a list of 11 commonly outsourced jobs these days:


1. IT related jobs & Computer Programming

It is no surprise that the most frequently outsourced services in 2023 are IT related. Computer programming is a top outsourced job that western companies often choose to delegate to experts in Southeast Asia and Southeastern Europe. Asian nations like India and European countries such as Poland, Ukraine, Romania and Bulgaria offer competitive software developers, computer programmers, and IT analysts that provide high-quality services. At the same time their labor charges are a fraction of the total labor cost for the same experts available in America or Australia for example. As a worldwide acknowledged IT outsourcing provider, India has developers who’ll do a very decent job, which may cost you as low as a 1/10 of the average American wage for the same service.

On the other hand the small time zone difference and the cultural proximity with the Western business world, which European outsourcing destinations have in their favor, enables working effectively with overseas counterparts often in real-time communication.  


2. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) 

One of the most outsourced services in software development is the RPA. It is a type of service that develops robots, designed to perform easy, recurring tasks. Enterprises from various sectors recognize the benefits of using robots to complete repetitive jobs as a cost-effective solution. Therefore rises the demand for robotic process automation. Access to additional innovative technologies like AI, RPA, and machine learning requires also cloud outsourcing. This service gives businesses the ability to utilize cloud services and store resources on the cloud.


3. Help Desk support

Help Desk Outsourcing is a 24/7 assistance service that companies offer to help their clients in resolving issues or in finding answers to already identified problems. The IT help desk outsourcing services provide the business with many advantages. Some of them include increased productivity and performance, rapid deployment of more effective operations and processes, constant accessibility, quick response times, lower costs, and improved efficiency. In the meantime, the company is able to focus more on its core business operations, growth and innovations. According to Transparency Market Research the market for help desk solutions is expected to grow to $11 billion by 2023.


4. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Business process outsourcing is among the most popular job functions for outsourcing worldwide. Aside from call centers, BPOs are utilized for ordinary business operations including completing financial transactions, data entry, overall digital customer care and other duties that don’t require the usage of a localized person. Offshoring these employment functions allows the corporation to cut costs dramatically without suffering a sizable loss.

5. Digital Customer Care


Digital customer service is just what it sounds like: providing support to consumers through digital channels such as chat, email, social media, messaging apps, SMS and so on. This is a new approach to customer service management which emphasizes on emerging technology. Outsourcing these activities is great option for businesses that lack the resources or the time to manage digital client contact effectively. Customer service is an essential part of the customer’s journey. The good consumer experience in regard to the customer service builds trust, engagement and eventually loyalty with the business. Successfully outsourcing the digitally performed customer care operations gain cost savings, revenue growth and customer positive experience. This Omni channel customer service includes a wide range of contact options. Clients can choose the they way want to contact the company.


6. Graphic Designers

Many businesses look for outsourced experts who have the creative flair to complete graphic design work for a fraction of the local wage cost. The off-site staff can easily and harmoniously complete various tasks. Some of them include upgrading the company’s brand logo, designing a company/ brand website or creating marketing materials. Businesses can outsource these and many other activities to a third-party graphic designer who’ll perform the tasks properly. Important condition here is of course that a clear communication is established between all parties included.


7. Marketing outsourcing 

Outsourcing part or most of the organization’s marketing functions to an outside firm is also a common practice. Many businesses worldwide benefit from it. Both strategic and operational functions are often delegated to a third-party marketing partner. This partner usually has the expertise, tools and professional staff to provide a complete suite of marketing services. Since the provider is responsible for the program’s performance, the outsourcing partner usually reports regularly on the program’s performance.
Companies of various sectors and sizes commonly use the outsourced marketing. For example, a small firm may not have the budget for a full-time marketer. Outsourcing frees up valuable, often billable, time they can spend serving their clients. A large firm understands that outsourcing certain functions, like content marketing, can be cheaper and higher quality than doing it themselves. Often individual experts and practices within larger firms seek outside marketing expertise.


8. Logistic Management

Logisitcs is also one of the often outsourced services in 2023. Functions like hiring logistics talent, acquiring capacity, investing in physical assets, and developing the technology are all expensive and time consuming activities. Instead, many companies decide to outsource various parts or even the whole process of their supply chain functions to third-party logistics providers (3PLs).

One of the benefits of the outsourced logistics management include possible reduction of the overall transportation and logistics costs. Meanwhile the company concentrates on core business strengths rather than supply chain operations. Another positive sides are the lower risk because of reducing administrative responsibility and higher service standards which lead to increased customer satisfaction.

In general, larger businesses tend to have more complex supply chains, increasing their likelihood of using outsourced logistics. According to a third-party study, businesses of all sizes are increasingly using 3PL services. However, even smaller shippers continue to assign 27% of all supply chain jobs to outside contractors on average.


9. Quality Audit

It is more common for companies these days to outsource the auditing process of their business. Involving an objective and unbiased outside source that looks at the operations with a fresh set of eyes is a main advantage of outsourcing the internal auditing function. Other positive sides in favor to outsourcing the audits include professional and timely reports, detailed information, remarks , suggestions for improvement, conclusions, cost savings, etc.


10. Human Resources

The foundation of one company as well as its long-term development have always been dependent on the people working in it. That’s why hiring the right people and maintaining a stable, engaged and evolving team is a very responsible, complex job to do. It requires high competence in properly “reading people”, competent recruitment and people management. On the other hand HR includes good knowledge of the labor market and legislation of the specific area. (Each country has its own labor requirements, that need to be taken into account).

Many companies choose to entrust these processes or add a third-party support to their in-house HR teams. By doing so enterprises aim to accomplish better efficiency and stability when hiring professionals short and/ or long-term. Agencies that specialize in HR-services and Agency contracting services (commonly known as staff augmentation) know how to limit the risks of potentially hiring candidates who are unfit for a specific role or may mispresent themselves and therefore mislead an executive’s employment decision. Such mistakes are often extremely costly, since they lead to new recruiting, hiring and employee training processes. 

Staff augmentation or a complex HR-service solutions

Outsourcing the HR-related operations is especially good practice for enterprises who experience temporal expansion of the workload, therefore require additional support or even expertise from outside resources. In such cases staff augmentation is mostly performed by a third-party certified agency. This agency takes care of providing the right professionals to do the job required, while you focus on your day-to-day business operations.

International companies in expansion also choose to rely on a resident HR-service partners at the locations they enter. When a foreign company steps on a new market through acquisition it is a huge plus to use the services of a local outsourcing partner, who is well versed in the local legal requirements and cultural specifics. That is especially convenient in regard to the management of the local workforce. Since these scenarios are part of the every-day business environment it’s only natural that HR is one of the commonly outsourced services in 2023.

Last thoughts…

When done right outsourcing can be very beneficial from business perspective for both star-ups and globally established corporations. Its main advantage is providing high quality execution by experts outside one’s organization, but at significantly lower costs in comparison to the potential expenses in-house for the same services and / or professionals required to do the job. Key factor to your successful outsourcing operations is choosing a reliable and competent service partner in the area you plan to outsource to.

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