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About us ACS-Bulgaria-


A team of professionals with more than 10 years of experience in the outsourcing field. In 2022 we decided to unite efforts to provide the best outsourcing services available in Bulgaria for local and international clients.

And ACS Bulgaria was born…


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We are a certified Agency Contracting (staff augmentation) company, which operates fully compliant and secured for employees and customers. We provide quick sourcing of the right candidates and end-to-end support in outsourcing governance establishment. Our strong HR and legal competence, fluency on labor, market capabilities enables us to perform high class recruitment and headhunting services.


We provide Managed service solutions, flexible to your business need sizing, agile to shrinkage or growth, predictable cost combined with cost efficiency.


We have a strong customer focus and adaptiveness.

We’re fully dedicated to client’s specific needs.

We apply fast-paced development cycle thanks to our know-how  regarding the business, corporate, outsourcing services. Our methodology tested by time and experience is the reason of our confidence we know what and how to do it.

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Transparent, Agile, Creating Value Partner, we strive to the change as a chance to new opportunity. We seek the potential and develop value for our partners and people. For us the strategy is always win-win, counting on the “together”.

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BULGARIA as an outsourcing field


According to GSLI (Global Service Location Index) Bulgaria is at the top of the chart for outsourcing in SE (Southeastern Europe) due to: complex outsourcing from multiple locations, attractive financial conditions, manpower skills and qualification, stable business environment.

The GBCI 2022 also ranks Bulgaria among the less complex jurisdictions for incorporating and managing business worldwide.

The outsourcing partner is fundamental factor for successful business case.


As your OUTSOURCING PARTNER in Bulgaria we’ll help you establish, grow and accelerate your business operations outside of your company. Our knowledge in cost effective and performance efficiency models makes us the right choice for the task.

WE ACS BULGARIA can propose various of engagement models, which based on your strategy and business objectives are fitting to your needs and environment.
Starting with the basics, there are a couple of initial questions and topics to highlight (basic questionnaire). Either staff augmentation or Managed service variations, the approach must be mutually acknowledged in direction and strategy for both customer and outsourcing partner.

You expect to receive results which traditionally you used to perform in-house for either case of passing individual tasks/ subareas or simply roles (jobs) to 3rd party.

The chosen outsourcing model should serve your business strategy in the best wayHere is a sample of a general assessment card. It will help you easily evaluate what is the right direction to choose. 

ASSESSMENT CARD for Customer CMO & Business Objectives

Milestones for model switch/selection:

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