What is it?

An outsourcing contract typically consists of three distinct phases of service delivery. They’re referred to as Transition, Transformation and Steady State.

The transition phase covers the standard activities involved in EXECUTIVE SOLUTIONS. They take over service delivery responsibility from: 

Transition can also involve the transfer of your staff to EXECUTIVE SOLUTIONS – a move that must be executed as per the compliance regulations in the country labor and commercial code.

Following the successful completion of transition, the transformation phase describes jointly agreed activities to enhance the business performance. Transformation is managed in phases in parallel with EXECUTIVE SOLUTIONS delivering the Steady State services. When required, the transformation can be run in parallel with transition.

The scale of transformation varies from client to client, from 6 to 24 months. This is the stage that EXECUTIVE SOLUTIONS is able to start to deliver the agreed service improvements and productivity gains.

What stays behind Transition?

We have the know-how of e2e process of successful transition of:

 We know how to monitor and execute effective management of change, risk mitigation and timeline management which ensure:

Continuity of your business operations during transition

Predefined budget fit

Improved Quality with Quick ramp up

What stays behind Transformation?

Once the outsourced operations get successfully migrated and we become fully “in charge as your service provider” we can propose various models for reaching better cost efficiency via:

Change management-visual-ACS-BULGARIA-business-outsourcing-service

Transformation of business operations naturally refers to change on billing models, either per head, hours (any time & material) or incident, project, ticket, page. It is always an agreed KPI/ outcome based delivery billing which follows the successful Business Transformation.


How we do it ?

Based on 10 years’ service delivery experience of our management team, we designed the so called “TNT Framework”. It is our proven in time guide for successful transitions and transformations. Our “TNT Framework” is applicable to various of operations, team sizes, multivendor changes considering procurement and legal specifics per location.


This is our unique knowledge at the outsourcing field as service provider. Our team members have more than 15 TNT projects successfully switching FTE to managed service models in corporate environment.

In charge of the transition and transformation of projects , we ensure that the goals are achieved in accordance with budget, deadline and quality.

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